The Infiorate in Spello: the unknown rite of the “capatura”

English Version by Benedetta Tintillini tel. 346 3254167 tel. 346 3254167

Scrolling down the home page you can read the article about the Infiorata in Spello, but now we try to dive in a previous phase of the difficult realization of a floral carpet: the phase of the CAPATURA. “Capare” means nothing more than to remove the petals from the flowers, those petals can be subsequently dried in the shade, to keep their original color at its best.

frantoioSo far, nothing extraordinary, nor ordinary is to gather and sit down in order to remove these petals head down for at least a couple of hours in the evening. But absolutely necessary. You, who come to visit that fateful morning, have you ever wondered how many petals are there on the path? I’ll give you an

example, take a simple daisy, remove all the petals and place them next to each other … Done? Well … now you have realized that you have not fully covered even a square inch of the surface on which you have placed your petals, now imagine the same petals dried, they will cover even less surface, right? Now you have certainly the idea of the way we spend our evenings of the last month, we

fools, willing to create, for the glory of God, masterpieces that will almost immediately be trampled by the crowd. Generally we meet at someone’s home in the evening after work, some people goes in the afternoon to pick flowers or herbs in order to remove the petals in the evening, everyone sits together and begins to work, chatting and removing the acacia petals, one of the first flowers that blossom in springtime. The flowering of this tree gives an opportunity to meet the group, just when this white flower blossoms we begin to send messages or call, we look for each other, we must remember to be part of something very specific, we meet on the street, and a healthy rivalry that acts mpicciaas a stimulus to the refinement of the event starts again, turns up the desire to surprise, we go forward, we are looking for new flowers, new colors new techniques. I never stop thinking so much about the beginning of this adventure that I am going to deal with since a long time, actually amazes me to think that even the simple flowering of a so common tree sets in motion such a complex. And you should come visit us one of these days, see the intent to separate one by one the petals, sneezing, and scratching ourselves continuously for the myriads of insects that find refuge in flowers. Nothing is wasted, not one of those precious petals dropped, each of them brings us closer to the result. Once separated, petals are placed to dry in the shade, each group uses his own technique, it’s not up to me to say that, not all the flowers dry out in the sun, maybe someone drying them in warm ovens, but you will certainly agree with me that if this is the least attractive part of the work it is certainly the most interesting. It allows you to weave social relationships that strengthen friendships and create relationships that will last a lifetime. From my point of view, the magic of the carpet is also and above all to see people coordinate and give way to that harmonious dance that will finally make a perfect picture.


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