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24 aprile 2013

altareA PRECIOUS JEWEL, HIDDEN IN THE HEART OF ITALY celebrated 350 years of life

Father Antonio Santantoni a.santantoni @

photo and English version by Benedetta Tintillini

Millions of people have seen it (or glimpsed) passing by, but few, very few know about it. Thousands of people read its name every day, passing quickly on the large E 45 highway, from Rome to Venice and Ravenna, but only few stop, yielding to an impulse of curiosity. The name raises some amazement – Madonna dei Bagni means Our Lady of the Bath – but then everyone can think that it should be one of thousands of small churches that dot the Italian countryside, the Umbrian one in particular. Tens, hundreds of times people switch and go by, without taking the time to go to see what lies (more…)

Casalina, visita guidata al Museo di storia naturale

18 giugno 2010

la Sezione Ain – Umbria organizza una visita guidata alla Galleria di Storia Naturale di Casalina per i suoi Soci e per gli studenti di Scienze Naturali.

La visità avrà luogo martedì prossimo 22/06 alle ore 16,30,
per coloro che volessero andare insieme è fissato un appuntamento alle ore 16,00 presso S. Pietro (studio del Prof. Venanzoni).

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