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BOOKS: “Before leaving the world” novel of a medieval man set to change the world

22 Maggio 2013

libro san francesco

english version

by Benedetta Tintillini

The novel, written by Ginevra Angeli and published by Ugo Bozzi publisher in 2000, is set in medieval times, and is about an handsome and rich young man, John of Assisi, his love for his parents Pica and Pietro Bernardone, his life-changing and how he loses his identity, name, and becomes another man… Francis. The novel about Francis goes over the historical documentation concerning the figure of the saint, and stops when he, no longer named John, left Assisi.

We talk about it with the author Ginevra Angeli.

Interview by Francesco La Rosa

Ginevra, why did you want to write this novel?

It ‘s been a spontaneous thing. I wrote it as if I was just remebering what I knew for a long time, tired of the “Franciscan rhetoric.” Stimulated and (more…)